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Goodness Tale Padma Shri Awardee, late Shri Prakash Rao
An incredible Chaiwala

If selflessness had a face, it would have looked like Padma Shri Awardee, late Shri Prakash Rao - An incredible chaiwala who invested half of his income in setting up a school in the slum of Cuttack, Odisha to give free education and food to slum children.

Prakash Rao had been selling tea from the age of 7, and had always yearned to complete his education. Every day he would see slum kids either begging on the streets or getting caught stealing. These children were often used in child labour, with parents preferring to get an income from them instead of enrolling them in schools.

Prakash Rao wanted to give these children a chance to change the trajectory of their life with education. With this aim, he started "Asha Ashawasana" - a school that has educated hundreds of kids, and transformed their lives.

Prakash Rao, has and always been an inspiration. It is our honour to share his story.

Pearls of India Read what people are saying

Pearls of India Read what people are saying

  • Goodness Tale Shri Anoop Khanna's Dadi Ki Rasoi

    It begins with a cause and the will to serve goodness unto others. Driven by similar cause to share the good, Mr. Anoop Khanna started Dadi Ki Rasoi in Noida to serve up nutritious and healthy food, nominally priced at ₹5. Mr. Anoop, along with his family's support feeds hundreds of people for two hours every day and is backed by a closely-knit circle of vendors who offer their vegetables and resources at a subsidized rate.

  • Goodness Tale Minu Pauline's Fridge of Goodness

    There is no better example of how charity begins at home than the story of Minu Pauline. Her small step went on to become the source of dignity and love for so many others. By putting up a fridge outside her restaurant for those in need of a square meal and filling it with left over food, Minu touched lives around her. We salute her act of goodness. Watch her inspiring story here.

  • Goodness Tale The Kids Of Kaligi Ranganathan School, Chennai

    Say hello to the students of Kaligi Ranganathan School, Chennai – a bunch of kids, barely out of their teens, who selflessly work towards building a beggar-free society. By donating their pocket money, these kids help beggars on the street survive by giving them various means of livelihood. Watch their inspiring story here.

  • Goodness Tale Medicine Baba

    This is the story of Shri Omkar Nath Sharma, who's better known as Medicine Baba. Defying the odds, he zealously goes about his selfless act of collecting medicines from homes all over the city, inspiring many and relieving many more in the process. Watch his goodness tale right here!

  • Goodness Tale Spiti Edition

    Meet Chacha Chachi, as they're known in Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh. They have been running the Chandra Dhaba for the last 40 years, at a height of over 4000 meters. They're also the saviors of many lives. Watch their story to know more.

  • Goodness Tale Clown Story

    Introducing Pravin Tulpule or Pintoo Uncle as children lovingly call him. He gave up his career to make efforts towards the betterment of those less fortunate. Watch as he demonstrate his flair for bringing smiles to people's faces.


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